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Hi friends! Here are some helpful Family Photography Session style tips! Especially when you’re trying to coordinate multiple outfits, your clothing choices will make a huge impact on the look and aesthetic of your photos, so choose what you wear with care. Let me make it easier for you with this style guide!



I will always suggest wearing light colors over dark or neon colors. Dark colors can wash you out in photos and both dark and neon colors direct the attention away from you and onto what you’re wearing instead to your family photography session.

I also recommend staying away from loud patterns and graphic tees. Again, these will draw the eye directly to them, rather than to the people in the photo. A soft, uncomplicated pattern, however, can photograph beautifully!

Family Photography Session Style tips


Try coordinating outfits for the family rather than perfectly matching outfits for everyone. Choose colors and textures that complement each other. Of course, Mommy and Me dresses will always look charming, but don’t feel like you have to run to Old Navy to buy the full matching family set for everyone including the dog!


When you’re choosing what to wear, think about the features that you love the most and choose something that flatters those features. If you have a feature that you feel self-conscious about, don’t wear something that will highlight it. For example, if you love your toned arms, wear a sleeveless top! If you feel self-conscious about your hips, wear a dress that flares out at the waist rather than one that hugs your body.



For my ladies, a full length, flowy dress or skirt is always a good choice! These photograph so beautifully, especially in a neutral or pastel color. Chiffon is a lovely fabric choice here.


For the gentlemen, go for a simple, sophisticated look. Fitted pants and closed toe shoes work well here. Dress shorts and sandals are also a good combination.


For children, dressy clothes are always my first choice to make your Dayton Photography photos stand out in comparison to casual play wear. But make sure they’re comfortable! Itchy tags or annoying overall straps can frustrate little ones and we want them to be as happy and comfortable as possible! Think about accessories for your littles too! A cute bow or headband are so charming for a little girl, and a handsome bowtie or suspenders for the little boys look so dapper.

If you need more tips for photo sessions with your kids, check out this blog post!


For everyone, layers always work well! It’s worth the end result to sweat it our for a few minutes if necessary. Plus, you can take off layers for different looks which will give your photos more variety and dimension. Layers are also great for morning sessions, as it can be chilly in the early morning, but warmer when the sun comes up.  


Don’t forget about comfort! When you feel good, you look good! If it’s hard to move in, or the fabric is irritating and it’s driving you insane, it’s going to be distracting.

Think about your shoes too! There’s a time and a place for high heels and they’ll make a woman’s legs look fantastic! But if we are working at a location that requires walking 5 minutes down a gravel path or has a large grassy field, stilettos might be hard to work in! Practicality can work in your favor here.



Pay attention to the details! If you have an heirloom necklace or special watch, a personalized outfit for a little one, or any other piece that holds a special place in your heart, wear it! It will add such a sweet touch to your family photos.

Family Photography Session Style tips
Family Photography Session Style tips


Ultimately, wear something that feels like you! Yes, you want your pictures to turn out well, but you should also wear something that you feel good in. You’re going to look at these photos for years to come, so they should represent the essence of your family!

 If you love color and never wear neutrals, and then in your pictures you wear all white – you might look at the pictures and feel like they don’t look like you or your family. There’s a happy medium here! You can wear something that photographs well, but still is true to your personality.

I had a client recently who always dresses her daughter in bright colors! She considered putting her daughter in a white dress for the sake of the photos, but ultimately decided to put her in a dress with more color. Her daughter’s outfit included her favorite pink sneakers, and some cute flower bows. She said this is how she will remember her little flower child, so the pictures should showcase that sweet, colorful personality.


Remember, the purpose for having family photos taken is to capture your family’s special but fleeting moments, and especially your children while they’re young so choose outfits that will help you to remember everyone as they were during this time in your lives.

Feel free to send me pictures of your planned outfits and we can work together to create the perfect, photographable wardrobe!

Check out more of my work here, and reach out so we can get started on your own family lifestyle photography session in the Cincinnati- Columbus- Dayton area!

Talk soon, Janelle

Tipp City Ohio Family Photographer

July 14, 2023

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