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I recently had the pleasure of working with the Sonntag family for a family lifestyle photography session!

This sweet family of three were an absolute dream to work with! They’re so close and they love to spend time as much time together as possible. It’s important to them to soak up every single moment that they can while they’re in their current season of life. I was so thrilled to get to capture these moments for them so that they can remember them forever! And this, friends, is the beauty of a family lifestyle photography session!


Alexander is three years old. He’s a precocious toddler, but a total sweetheart! He would not stop smiling! He’s innately curious, he loves animals (especially dinosaurs), and he loves to color. He is a perceptive child, and a good listener (most of the time)! Thankfully for me, he also loves being outside!

This photo session was outside at a beautiful park, and the weather was just beautiful. There was plenty of space for Alexander to run around, and he had a ball. I love working with families outside in locations like this! Wide open spaces often mean happy children!

The most important thing I’ve learned (both as a family photographer and as a former preschool teacher) is flexibility. We go with the flow here. If your little one wants to run, we let them run! If they want to sit in your lap and observe, we let them sit in your lap and observe! Whatever is necessary, we will do, and we will get fantastic pictures while doing it!

When you work with me, there will be both candid shots and “posed” pictures with guided prompts from me (things like kiss your child’s cheek, smile at each other, hold your little one up in the air). We make it work!

This family truly embodies the essence of lifestyle photography. The obvious love and adoration they have for each other, the way this little boy looks at his mama and daddy, and the joy in his face as he ran free in this beautiful green field. I loved every moment of this one, and I hope that you all love it too!

Here’s a sneak peek into this sweet lifestyle family photography session!

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Talk soon, Janelle

December 10, 2023

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