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Fairborn Ohio Family Photography | Oakes Quarry Photography | Dayton Family Photography

Today we’re going to talk about Fairborn Ohio Family Photography! Fairborn is a great location for family photos. I have a few fantastic spots to work at, but one of my favorite spots in Fairborn is Oakes Quarry!



The scenery here is just unreal! Oakes Quarry was formerly a limestone quarry. Now it’s a lovely, peaceful park with beautiful landscapes. Lots of rocks and stones, but also a great prairie area that makes for fantastic family photos. Your pictures here will be breezy, simple, walking-through-the-prairie vibes. I recommend wearing simple, neutral clothing here to embrace the simple, rustic feeling. Ladies, if you have a pretty flowy dress, this is the place to wear it! This is a great spot for kids of all ages too, as there’s plenty of (safe) spaces for littles to run around.

You’ll probably catch a peek at some of the wildlife here, too! This a popular place for birdwatching, so you’re sure to see some friends in the sky. This area is also known for fossils, so if your little one loves nature or fossils, they will have a blast fossil hunting! There’s a beautiful pond as well, which photographs beautifully and gives a lovely, serene look to your photos.

fairborn ohio family photography oakes quarry dayton ohio

It’s a five minute walk from the parking lot to the shooting locations, but don’t worry! The path is stroller friendly so you don’t have to haul your toddler and all their things on your own! This walk is a great way for your kids to get used to me before shooting, as well.

(If you need more info on making photo sessions with a toddler a total breeze, this blog post is for you!)

Reach out to me here to book your own Fairborn Ohio Family Photography Session!

Talk soon, Janelle

Fairborn Ohio Family Photography | Oakes Quarry Photography | Ohio Family Photographer Location

August 18, 2023

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